A travel sized summary of who I am. Where do I start? Well I’ll start at the most important information, the way to my heart is anything and everything dogs. Maybe Chick-fil-A nuggets. I am a fanatic world traveler, and meeting new people enthusiast. My origin story is a simple one, a young girl born in Mexico City who later made the voyage to America at the ripe young age of 5. I am bilingual (I will let you figure out what those two languages are.) I am inspired by new cultures and learning more about them. My travels will be taking me to Milan, Italy in the fall of 2017, and I couldn’t be more excited. Besides being a professional napper, I am currently minoring in business and economics, and majoring in public relations and the University of Texas at Austin. I am a member of Texas PRSSA, the Latin Economic and Business Association, Texas Wake and Texas Royals. My hobbies include yoga and ritual sacrifices. Just kidding, I don’t do yoga.


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